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Lady looking in the mirror at her lip scar with stitches

Scars From Stitches To Final Results And How You Will Scar

Huge numbers of people sustain cuts and lacerations that need stitches. When these injuries occur deep into the skin, they leave scars. From the moment the healthcare practitioner puts in the final stitches, the healing process begins. It’s never possible to fully predict how any single individual will form scars from stitches and injuries because […]

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Closeup of woman showing on her belly dark scar from a cesarean

Silicone Gel Versus Silicone Strips: Which One To Get??

Silicone Gels and Silicone Strips For Scarring The benefit of silicone gel and silicone strips for the treatment and prevention of thick scars like hypertrophic scars and keloid scars has been established since the 1980s. A statement from the International Advisory Panel on Scar Management confirmed the benefit of silicone-based products for preventing hypertrophic or keloid […]

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ScarScore’s Top Product Recommendations For Wide-Spread Scars

If You’re Prone To Wide-Spread Scars: Advice Reasoning use sunscreen as soon as the wound is healed (consistently for 1 year) sun exposure can permanently darken scars have a high-quality antibiotic ointment on hand useful to optimize healing and prevent infection during the initial healing phase early and prolonged supportive taping with products such as […]

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Tummy Tuck Cost: What You’ll Pay and Is It Worth It?

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost? As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, there are a few factors that go into a surgeon’s tummy tuck cost. There is no single “cost” for a tummy tuck due the number of variables that go into formulating surgical fees. A good way to think about these different variables […]

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Breast Reduction Surgery: Top Things To Know In 2021

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery? Breast reduction surgery reduces the cup size and overall weight of the breast and has the added benefit of lifting the breast to a more youthful, “perky”, and aesthetically pleasing position on the chest. There are many benefits to breast reduction surgery. Benefits Of Breast Reduction Surgery decreased back and […]

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Scars: Definition, Types, Removal, and Treatment

Scars Definition and Meaning: The negative impact of scars, those inevitable consequences of injury, disease, and surgery affect billions worldwide. But their definition and meaning remain poorly understood amongst most people. Scar tissue is best understood as a localized collection of a substance called collagen that is deposited by the body at the site of […]

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Large earring keloid of the right earlobe

The Piercing Keloid: Earlobe Keloids And Cartilage Keloids

Ear piercings seem simple enough, and the vast majority heal smoothly. But, sometimes things go wrong and a dreaded piercing keloid develops. If you have an earlobe keloid or cartilage keloid or want to know about your risks of getting one, read on. The Piercing Keloid A dreaded type of ear piercing bump is the […]

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