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Tummy tuck, large segment being removed

Body Contouring Scars: Is Tighter Always Better?

In cosmetic procedures such as tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, and breast lift, it is generally true that more excess skin removed during surgery translates into a tighter, firmer, and more desirable result from a body contouring point of view. However, when larger sections of skin are removed, an increase in tension on the […]

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Keloid on elbow

Keloid Definition, Causes, Treatment, Are You At Risk?

What Is A Keloid? The cornerstone of the skin’s healing process is the production of collagen. Collagen can be thought of as the “glue” the human body creates to mend wounded skin. It is the amount of collagen laid down in the wound, as well as its color, texture, and other features that determine what […]

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image of cheek with moderatelyu severe acne

Acne Scars: Treatment, Types, Prevention, Home Remedies

Acne scars are a problem a huge number of people face, affecting around 90% of people in the 11-30 year age group. Around 45% of people with acne develop scars. While the majority of people that scar have severe cases of acne, about 70% of individuals with acne scars come from mild or moderate acne […]

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

How MLD Can Improve Wound Healing And Optimise Your Scarring Process: In my 15 years of working with post-op patients, I’ve seen firsthand how MLD supports and accelerates the healing process. And that includes improving and optimizing the outcome of scars. Factors That Contribute To Perfect Wound Healing: There are three main factors that contribute […]

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ScarScore’s Top Product Recommendations To Optimize Your Scars

Everyone Should Do These To Optimize Scarring: Advice Reasoning use sunscreen as soon as the wound is healed (consistently for 1 year) sun exposure can permanently darken scars silicone gel or silicone strips for 3 months proven to help prevent thicker scars have a high-quality antibiotic ointment on hand useful to optimize healing and prevent […]

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A usual looking mole around the eyelid

Scars From Removing Moles : What Will Yours Look Like?

Scars from removing moles is a topic that all prospective patients should be familiar with. While mole removal is one of the most common minor skin procedures performed, it should not be overlooked that all mole removal procedures are likely to leave a scar of some sort. Read on to learn everything you kneed to […]

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Woman looking at a picture featuring scars from hysterectomy surgery

Scars From Hysterectomy: What Will Yours Look Like?

How your scars from hysterectomy surgery will look depends on two main factors. One is which hysterectomy technique is used because that determines where the surgical incisions will be made. Some techniques place scars on the abdomen while other hysterectomy scars are not visible at all because the procedure is done completely through the vagina. […]

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Woman holding silicone implants for breast augmentation on color background, space for text. Cosmetic surgery

Breast Augmentation Scars: What Will Yours Look Like?

Breast implants are a super-popular cosmetic procedure with around 300,000 cases performed yearly in the USA alone. One of the primary attractions of breast augmentation surgery is that scars from breast implants are generally minimal. In this article, we’ll cover all the factors that could contribute to the final quality of your breast augmentation scars. […]

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