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leathery thickening of skin associated with eczema scars

Eczema Scars: Causes, Treatment, Advice

Eczema, also referred to as atopic dermatitis, is the most common form of itchy skin inflammation. Eczema scars are usually a reference to plaques of red, itchy rashes that characterize this condition. While most commonly seen in children, eczema occurs in adults as well. What Causes Eczema Scars? Eczema is a result of a malfunction […]

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Laser Acne Scar Removal: Cost, Types, Side Effects

Unfortunately, moderate to severe acne leaves permanent scarring in the majority of cases. Lasers have taken on a very prominent role in treating acne scars. Understanding how this high-tech intervention can work for you is made easier by first gaining some knowledge of the laser systems that are used. Lasers for acne scar removal can […]

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Laser Scar Removal: A Simple Primer

Lasers use light and heat energy to improve the unwanted characteristics of scar tissue. A more desirable esthetic appearance, color, and texture are the ultimate goals. A great starting point in your journey toward learning about laser scar removal is to understand the differences between ablative and non-ablative lasers. Ablative Laser Scar Removal Ablative laser […]

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shaving razor blades can cause ingrown hair scars

Ingrown Hair Scars: Learn To Prevent Permanent Scarring

Ingrown hairs are a common problem that can result in permanent ingrown hair scars. An ingrown hair occurs when one or more hairs fails to emerge from the hair follicle or if its end makes a “u-turn” after emerging from the follicle and buries itself in the skin itself. The growing hair continues to grow […]

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Stretch marks on back

Stretch Marks On Back: Why You Have Them And Treatment

Stretch marks on the back, also called “striae” amount to tearing of the deeper layers of the skin called the dermis. When the dermis tears, a stretched, thinned-out look that can also be lighter or darker than the surrounding skin results. Stretch Marks on Back: Causes There are a number of causes of stretch marks […]

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purple stretch marks

Purple Stretch Marks: The Truth About Causes, How To Get Rid Of Them

Purple stretch marks, also known as purple striae and “striae caerulea” are scars that form exclusively within the skin, as opposed to on the skin. When stretch marks form, the structure of the skin’s dermis layer is disrupted, leaving behind the classic linear, stretched appearance. An increase in the size of the blood vessels in […]

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Mosuito Biteing Can Leave Scars

Mosquito Bite Scars: How To Get Rid Of Them And Marks

Mosquito bite scars are a great case-in-point that even the most minor skin injuries can leave scars. When a mosquito bites you, it penetrates the skin’s surface using its needle-like proboscis. On a hunt for blood, the proboscis tip needs to penetrate the skin’s dermis because that’s where blood vessels are located. Any penetrating injury […]

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Ice Pick Scars: How To Get Rid Of Them (Easy Read)

Scarring from acne is, unfortunately, very common. Up to 95% of individuals who experience moderate to severe acne developing permanent scarring to some extent or another. Ice pick scars are indented-type scars that result from loss of the deep collagen and fat tissue that give support and fullness to the skin. When these layers are […]

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Mederma: Ingredients, Reviews, Does It Work?

Mederma is the most popular product amongst a group of scar creams and gels containing onion extract as their main ingredient. In this article, we’ll go beyond customer reviews and summarize the actual clinical research done on Mederma Cream and Advanced Scar Gel in an easy-to-read, customer-friendly manner. Mederma Ingredients: Mederma ingredients consist of 10% […]

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