Scar Food

Scar Food


What Is Scar Food?

The all organic and vegan brand called “Scar Food By The DC Method” was developed by the “Scar Queen” herself, Linda Dunn-Carter, pioneer of The DC Method. After using prototypes on her actual patients for several years, Scar Food officially launched in December 2019. Scar Food is an all-inclusive line of products with impactful ingredients specifically intended to fast forward the healing time of new scars and reintroduce old scars to key nutrients in order to transform into healthy happy scars!

The Scar Food Product Line


Newer Scars

Surgical, traumatic, stretch marks, tattoo healing, microneedling, facial peel, burns, PRP, rashes, milia or skin tag removal and  biopsies. 

Older Scars

Surgical, traumatic, stretch marks, acne, melasma, fine lines, wrinkles, crepey skin, hyperpigmentation, dry skin and rashes of all kinds. 

How To Use:

Scar Food, with its unique systematic approach, is highly effective in maintaining soft tissue pliability, reducing inflammation at the onset, smoothing texture, and preventing dead skin build-up while strengthening new tissue allowing new scars to shrink and diminish old scars over time. 

Scar Food is shipped with detailed protocols for AM and PM use! 

Before & Afters:

Side Effects & Contraindications:

Irritation for those allergic to nuts. People allergic to nuts should refrain from Scar Magic and Scar Butter.  Do not use until superficial sutures, tapes and drains are removed. Always consult with your physician if uncertain about ingredients for your scars or skin conditions.  

About The Author

Linda Dunn-Carter

Linda Dunn-Carter LE, CPCP, PMA is the CEO and founder of the game-changing The DC Method, and holds multiple-state aesthetic licenses along with certifications as a permanent cosmetic practitioner specializing in skin needling and medical micropigmentation.

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