image of cheek with moderatelyu severe acne
image of skin with boxcar variant of acne scars
image of rolling type acne scar on skin

You’re Invited!

We would like to invite you to participate in the beta launch of ScarScore!

ScarScore is an interactive custom assessment module that you can add to your skincare website to help you:


  • convert more of your visitors to customers
  • enhance your customer’s experience on your website
  • add medical expertise to your website
  • learn more about who visits your website for leads and enhanced segmenting

How  ScarScore Works For Your Business:

1. Gives customers an interactive experience to help them find the right products on your website, using our doctor-developed system that identifies which of your products our medical team specifically recommends for each customer. 


2. Helps educate your customers about how their unique genetic and lifestyle factors affect the way their skin heals and scars and why they need your products to mitigate their risk factors.


3. Best of all, ScarScore is a TURNKEY system. Many recognized brands use information-gathering assessments to assist their customers in selecting products from their store. But, unlike other systems, with ScarScore, a team of doctors and other skin-care pros has already done all the work to point your customers towards the right products. It’s provied to you all set to go and can be added to your website in just minutes.

4. We’ll brand the assessment to seamlessly incorporate into your website. We’ll place your company logo on the forms, and use your website’s current color schemes.

To top it off, it’s TOTALLY FREE right now.